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If you didn't know, we have added the ability for users to post their own "resources". These serve as a way for the community to research information easily and build on each other's ideas. It also prevents spamming of the same topics and questions when everything can be found and answered in one place.

Please note the following rules to get your post approved:
  1. Use proper punctuation and formatting (No blocks of text)
  2. Minimum of 300 words
  3. Be objective/unbiased in your information resources (Tell us why something is good or bad with facts)
  4. Try to keep resources as serious as possible (no memes)
  5. Credit and cite your resources for information, we do not support plagiarism
  6. Don't post a resource and a thread to correspond with the resource. Upon approval, a discussion thread will be automatically created

Find something that is inaccurate in a resource? PM either the creator or a staff member to help sort things out. We do not favor a single company or product over another. Our goal is to create a neutral and factual information archive.
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