Question Basys3 Color Sensor setting


Mar 11, 2019
Hi, I need to make a circuit which does the following thing:

When it sees a red object it will send output 0 until it sees a green object (like a well colored cubic toy), after it sees green it will send output 1 until it sees red again. ( If it is hard to implement I'm ok with just output 0 when it sees red and outputs 1 when it sees green, I mean it is ok if the outputs not continuous but it would be great if they are continuous)

I have basys3 and have to use VHDL. I think I should use TCS34725 sensor but I'm not sure I just assumed, I would be really glad if someone helps

Some extra questions: If it is possible I will implement it on a toy RCcar is it possible to connect it with Bluetooth module to get inputs or how should I do it ?- I can use another board JUST FOR CONNECTIONS my main Project should be on BASYS-3

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