Troubleshooting BCU1525 Known issues and faq


Sep 13, 2018
Now that bcus are shipping there has been some questions and issues.

Q) I have started the miner but i cant see anything?
A) the miner is started in the background in a program called screen. to attacht to the screen run
'screen -r'
when you are done looking at the stats and want to disconnect from the screen press
'ctrl-a ctrl-d'
this will detach the screen and leave it running.

Q) The stats say that i hash with ~40Mh/s but i only get 5Mh/s accepted shares?
A)This is a bug that is beeing resolved, it only affect when starting up the mining. Restart the miner, when it starts hashing properly it will stay that way. It might take several restarts to get it working.

Q) I have started the miner but its not hashing, i cant see any or all of my cards.
A) Loading the bitstream can be slow in some configurations and take up to 10 minutes. You can verify that your cards show up on the pcie bus by running
'lspci |grep 1e24'

Q) My cards get to hot
A) You need good flow of air through the cooler. use cardboard and tape to make a duct for a fan to force air through the cooler. you should be able to get your cards under 60 degrees on the lyra2z bitstream. If you are over 70 degrees you will probably need better cooling when higher powered bitstreams are available.

Q) Minerator said "Could not update BMC sensor readings: I2C read error " is there a problem
A) No it was just a glitch sensor reading are taken all the time so unless the message repeats every second there is no problem.

Q) Minerator say that my card use under 100w.
A) You have an older BMC firmware that needs updating. Instructions can be found pinned in the allmine-inc channel on the fpga discord. Let me (@andreas) know if you need any help.

Q) If im asked to send in a logfile of a problem, how do i do that?
A) First we disable the cronjob we setup as part of the installation.
Logon to the system and become root. You can login with ssh or open a terminal in the GUI. Become root with 'sudo su -' or 'sudo -i', both do the same thing.
run the command 'crontab -e' to edit the crontab. it will ask you what editor you want

root@lillriggen2:~# crontab -e

Select an editor. To change later, run 'select-editor'.
1. /bin/ed
2. /bin/nano <---- easiest
3. /usr/bin/vim.basic
4. /usr/bin/vim.tiny

Select 2, since its the easies. Now a editor will open where we will add '#' at the start of the line in the file. The # sign is used to say that anything after this sign is a comment and should be ignored.


When you have added # press Ctrl-x to exit. nano will now as you if you want to save. Press y to indicate that you very much would like to save the file.
Now it will ask you what you want the file to be called. You want to press enter now to accept the default name.


Now we are preventing the cronjob from restarting the miner. Now we need to kill the current miner. Connect to it with 'screen -r' press 'Ctrl-c' and wait for the miner to shutdown.

Next step is to start the miner manually with the log option set.

/root/minerator -l 0 insert-config-key-here |tee /root/minerator.log

If you feel like the problem you are having its not something dangerous let it run for a little while, like 15 minutes, to get some extra data. When you feel you have enough data you can kill the miner with 'Ctrl-c'

next step is to pack the logfile. here i look at the file with ls -l, i got a 100kb logfile there. then i pack it with gzip. now the file is packed and renamed to minerator.log.gz. its now 6kb.

root@lillriggen2:~# ls -l minerator.log
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 101535 okt 28 02:15 minerator.log
root@lillriggen2:~# gzip minerator.log
root@lillriggen2:~# ls -l minerator.log.gz
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 6417 okt 28 02:15 minerator.log.gz

So now we have a packed logfile ready to mail to someone.

Option 1,

If you are infront of the gui of your linux machine you could mail it via some webmail application in your browser. first we want to move the file so your regular user can access it. lets move it to /tmp

root@lillriggen2:~# mv minerator.log.gz /tmp/

Next you take your browser and attach the file to mail. you should be able to navigate to it via a dialog box.

Option 2,

If you are not in front of a GUI on your mining rig we can instead transfer the file to your windows machine via ssh. first, make sure ssh server is installed on your mining machine.

"apt update; apt install openssh-server"

Nest step is to install pscp from the putty distribution it can be download:ed here

so when you have downloaded pscp.exe its prob in the Download directory. So lest start a cmd and download our file. the syntax of pscp is

pscp [user@][host:]sourcepath [user@][host:]targetpath

if the file is local i dont have to specify host, and if i want to use the current user i dont have to specify username. the source in my case is andreas@ and the target is '.', the current directory. so the file we download gets downloaded into the Download directory.


Now you can mail the file in any way you like.

Restoring it to normal again.

run 'crontab -e' remove the # sign from the minerator line. quit and save. wait 5 minutes for the miner to start or run the start command manually
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