Drinking and Mining Crypto Don't Mix


Nov 30, 2018
Maybe I should rename this rant to "How to mine 30000 of junk crypto in 1 day".
Once upon a time about 4 brewskies into the night I get the bright idea to point my F1 at this coin I never heard of and knew nothing about, right we've all pointed a miner at some random hotness for the day. The sad part was this was not the hotness, I did visit the website that was down and couldn't be reached, but remember this 4.5 almost 5 brewkies into the night at this point. I went to a random mining pool typed my hashrate into the calculator and out pops a number little above 20000/day, so I zip over to google and search price in USD, click the 1st link which was marketcap. I litterally say to my self, oh snap .002. That 40$/day for $1 electric, but we are at 5 brewskies in so I don't even look at which exchanges.
So I grab the 1st wallet I see, full node, that will work, isntall it my system partition with 4GB left. grab my wallet address, minimize the wallet(important detail here, I minimized my wallet) and pointed my miner at it, WAM, BAM, BOOM, 1000 coins mined. 6 brewskies int the night trying to find that magic exchange to formulate my exit strategy. I signed up for every 3rd tier exchange advertising the coin that allows my country, then 4th tier, desperately sign up to the 5 tier exchanges. To find out its impossible for me to actually deposit the coin into any of the exchanges. You could exchange it and buy, but no way to deposit this specific coin. Then the sky started falling, I realize that wallet has been running the entire time and "bling" up popups out of space, I'm like "abort abort, abort," wallet closes out, app stopped responding one by one, until the computer completely went down. I completely filled up my main system partition and crashed my computer.
So that ended the night of crypto, miner still running... And making the long story short I mined a lot of junk coins that next day, by the time I sat down at the computer and remembered what I did the night before.
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