Guide For idiots, By idiot: The windows users guide to installing Hive OS and Acorns


Nov 30, 2018
SQRL miner will be release on the 14th and it will only support linux initially. I'm not sure if this Hive OS will work with SQRL miner but it should as hive OS runs Ubuntu 16.04

Fair warning: This guide is BY a Linux idiot FOR linux idiots. I aim to get you up and running with Hive OS, acorns installed, the acorn miner running. I don't go into how to configure Hive OS as theres a litany of guides for setting up flight sheets, overclocks, etc. I have no idea if this will work correctly with SQRL miner and I'm sure there are better ways to do a lot of the stuff I'm doing in linux. Please feel free to offer improvements with this guide via comments. I'd love to make this better with global calls and stuff, but like i said, I'm a Linux idiot. Hope this helps somebody!

Steps (with pictures!):
1. HIVE OS WEBSITE: Download Hive OS and HDD Raw Copy; while you're downloading/installing take this time to create your hive OS account for step 2.

2. HIVE OS DASHBOARD: Click the "+" button and add worker, you can now see this you can accept the random password or put your own, I suggest you put your own.
Finally when you click "Add" you will come to this page: my rig ID and password are hidden but you will see your info.
Make a note of your Rig ID and password and don't share them with anyone.

3. HDD RAW COPY: At this point you Hive OS image should be fully downloaded (hopefully).
Unzip the file and we will move on to writing the image to your spare SSD or USB drive.
You will see this when you first open HDD Raw Copy.
Select the unzipped hive os .img file and click "continue".
After you click "continue", you will see the TARGET screen.
Select your target drive, in my example it's a 128GB intel SSD.
Click continue.
You will see this screen. Double check your source (hive img) and target (spare SSD). CLICKING "START" THIS WILL ERASE YOUR TARGET DRIVE (duh)
Click "start" There will be one dialogue popup confirming the SSD will be erased.
While copying it will look like this; it will take a few minutes.
Once the copy is complete, shut down your computer.
Unplug your windows HD and boot from the hive SSD/USB --OR--- plug the SSD into the mining rig, either way will work on the hive os configuration now.

LINUX HARDMODE ENGAGED: Take a deep breath, everything will be fine.

4. Make sure your motherboard is configured properly:
Disable any integrated graphics and plug your monitor cable into the GPU that is in the PCIx16 port closest to the CPU.
While your in the bios make sure the usual settings are still correct such as: 4G encoding enabled, disable windows installation options, make sure boot priority is set, etc...

5. Now boot the rig and let hive setup until it asks you confirm the Server URL by pressing "ENTER".
Press enter and you will be asked for your RIGID and PASSWORD that we setup in step 2.
It will ask if you want that password as the system password: enter "y" for yes, "n" for no and you can set your own password.
Once that is all completed, you should see this.
Finally type "reboot" and hit enter.
This will make sure our new password will apply for all remote access.
Congrats, the easy part is over. Confirm you can see the rig in your hive os dashboard on another computer.

6. BACK TO WINDOWS: You can return to the safety of your windows computer now and download VNCviewer.
You will find your rig's ip address in the hive os dashboard here.
Once you install VNC viewer you can input the rig IP address and port 5900 like this - press enter and you will be promoted for you password.
Enter the password and BOOM access your linux rig like this.

7. Time to install ACORN DRIVERS
Access the web browser in linux. click this little green icon. A web browser will open
Navigate to the getting started page for acorns here. Click the linux drivers and "save as" in your root directory cause you DGAF about shit, but I'm pretty sure you shouldn't clutter your root directory in linux.
Go to the terminal window and type:
Confirm that AcornDriversLinux-1.0.0.tgz was successfully downloaded. You should see the following:
AcornDriversLinux-1.0.0.tgz hive nvidia-oc tmp
Now we need to unpack that shit! Type the following:
tar -xvzf AcornDriversLinux-1.0.0.tgz
You should receive the following output:
Now type the following in separate commands:
chmod +x
There will be no output. Next type:
sudo ./
There will be lots of output: See here
Now type reboot
Acorn Drivers are installed!

When the computer boots again, reconnect to your rig via VNC and open a web browser. Navigate to the acorn miner post here.
Login to the forum and click to download the Linux miner.
"Save as" to a specific folder:
Click "file system" on the right side -> then "home" then "user" (THIS WILL MAKE SENSE LATER) Pic 1 -- pic 2
We are now done with VNC access.
save the file to root like the driver install and unpack like above. Then follow the configuration steps below. The drawback of this method is that you will have to VNC into the rig every time you want to start the acorn miner, but you won't have to leave a browser running like below.
9. TO THE CHROME! - installing acorn miner and configuration for easy SSH access.
There are drawbacks to this method, the first being you need to leave the SSH session running in a browser, if you close the tab, the miner stops....- I'm sure there's some way to keep it running but we are idiots and we DGAF about Linux (check out my sweet windows XP tat bro)..... so I'm leaving this shit running in chrome.
Open chrome and navigate to your rig in the Hive OS dashboard, hover over where you found the IP address for VNC and click "shellinabox" like this
Another browser tab will open and you should click "Advanced" -> "proceed" -> input "user" and your password -> look at that its your rig! IMAGES HERE
Now for some linux "coding"
Confirm that AcornMinerLinux_Alpha_012c.tgz was successfully downloaded. You should see the following after "dir":
AcornMinerLinux_Alpha_012c.tgz tmp
Now we need to unpack that shit! Type the following:
tar -xvzf AcornMinerLinux_Alpha_012c.tgz
You should receive the following output:


Collect your zen pool and wallet info - Now type the following commands:
You will now be brought into nano text editor. Navigate to the pool and wallet info and delete the default values and add your info. Because we are in chrome, you can copy and paste super easy too.
When you're done editing, press "Ctrl+x" then press "y" then hit the enter key. These commands will save your sh file.
Run the miner by calling the file you just edited:

The miner should start and if everything is working, you will be mining ZP with your nuts. Congrats!

FINAL NOTE FOR RTX NVIDIA USERS: if you're running RTX cards, be sure hive sees them and when they are all detected, run the command "nvidia-driver-update" via SHELLINABOX!!! and update the nvidia drivers for the install. If you run this comman on the rig it will not show you the update progress.

Remember, you can install the miner via VNC and run it from the root directory and terminal there, but I prefer to do it via chrome and just leave it running in the browser.
I'm 100% sure theres probably better ways to do a lot of this, but this is quick and dirty way. Hopefully it will help you get your nuts running on linux and ready for SQRL miner. If it doesn't work, than I'm sorry! This method has worked for me as I learned via trial and error. No guarantees, but I hope it works well for you.

side note: Dear Linux gurus, Let me know if theres anything I can do to make this better. I'm sure you probably threw up when I abused my root directory like a downloads folder, but this is the idiots guide to linux and it's far from perfect.

Happy mining!

Edit: spelling and added some forewarning about how this guide doesn't cover Hive OS usage. This is just a guide about hive os and acorn installation.
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Sep 17, 2018
thanks for the guide, I followed most of it but opted to run the acornminer through the terminal in VNC.


Dec 1, 2018
Guys, instead of leaving the screen on VNC etc, use "tmux" to keep a session alive in the background

try using the method below:
# update the repos
sudo apt-get update
# install tmux app
sudo apt-get install tmux
# Start a new tmux session where "acorn" is the name of the session
tmux new -s acorn
# start the acorn miner and close VNC or Shellinabox session
# DO NOT TYPE EXIT or it will close the tmux session

# to check on the status of on-going session type where "acorn" is the name of the session
tmux attach -t acorn

Hope this helps.
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