ANNOUNCEMENT FPGA Update September 24th, 2018


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Sep 10, 2018
I have put together a recent recap of updates and events happening in the FPGA scene. Feel free to comment down below to discuss any comments, questions, or concerns you may have.


GPUHoarder said:
We still have not received our fans and heatsinks for final assembly, other than one tray of samples. We were able to confirm they shipped and are in customs, but have only been given a typical time it takes for them to clear. We have located a source for the Nest chips Broadcom wasn’t able to provide as ordered, and expect those to arrive this week to begin assembly. As soon as completed units are available we will begin shipping. At this time the supplier estimates we received have been inaccurate, so I can’t provide an exact date until components are all in our hands. Thank you for your patience.


GPUHoarder said:
The first processing and modding of the first shipment begins tomorrow! Shipments are continual so we will be at it for a few weeks until they all ship. As units are now being prepared for shipping we will not be accepting any further new refund requests at this time. The shipment only includes the actual BCUs - upgrades heatsinks and water-blocks are not yet received. @Cafe3d has last indicated Waterblocks are completing mid-October. Water blocks are expected +/- a week from the bulk of deliveries arriving to us for modding.

I want to be clear with expectations on 1525s that the rate of shipping to us / out to everyone is about 150 boards a day through the next few weeks. We will be processing in the order of orders and as components (heatsinks, waterblocks) come in and get installed. A survey will go out this week with the information to choose your option, along with your estimated ship date. We are doing our best to fulfill these as quickly as possible, and Xilinx is already shipping a few days ahead of their promised schedule.

Q: Once the BCU's start getting into your hands, how long will it be before they start shipping to customers?
OhGodAGirl said:
These must go through another channel first (Avnet), then hit SQRL, which won’t happen until mid-October. They will also need modifications, validation, and testing. This will be a process and we believe at the end of October all shall be well for both shipping and hosting; We’ll keep you updated at each step. That means at the end of October, we anticipate both shipped units and hosted units. There may be unforeseen delays but the important thing is things are moving!
Currently, the timeline for all BCUs is to have them shipped/hosted by the end of October.


OhGodAScot said:
It has come to our attention that a few people are concerned that their orders aren't showing when they log into mineority. Please rest assured that your orders are safe and we expect all orders to show within 2 weeks. Email updates will be sent out when we've done this along with shipping timelines.
Senseless said:
For everyone contacting FPGA.Land asking that your orders be transferred over to mineority. If your orders from the store are not showing up in the mineority store, don't worry. We'll get it sorted out on our end. In addition, I will be on site to help make sure everyone's orders from the multiple portals are put together and everything everyone ordered gets correctly shipped. If you would like to order a water block or qsfp cables for your BCU-1525 you can do so on the mineority store here: -- Any orders for waterblocks or qsfp28 cables will be attached with your orders. We still have cards for sale that are in batch 1. It is expected that cards ordered now for batch 1 would be delivered by the end of October. If you haven't purchased a BCU-1525 but would like to you can order one at the mineority store by following the URL here. If any units remain after we fulfill our paypal obligations, we will re-open paypal sales for batch 1 units.
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