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Sep 10, 2018
The goal of our forum is to centralize pertinent and useful info for the community, we want information that is accessible on the forum and not just people posting links to a different site entirely. If, in the future, that separate site disappeared, that information would be lost. We're hoping that enough useful info will be collected here that new and previous generations of miners can study up and discuss in one place.

  1. Be respectful towards other members.
  2. Posting threads and comments must be adding to the overall discussion, no one word replies like "lol" or "ok".
  3. Threats, racism, and sexism will not be tolerated.
  4. All content must be Safe For Work except in designated sections for NSFW content.
  5. Advertising is not allowed in comments/signatures. If you have something to advertise that isn’t just spam, make ONE thread for it.
  6. Cite your sources, don’t steal other people's work.
  7. No excessive trolling.
  8. No affiliate links or referral codes.
  9. All links must be direct, you cannot force users to view ads, (e.g. Adfly) regular link shorteners are fine.
  10. Do not post anything that can be considered illegal (Selling IDs, etc).
  11. No duplicate posting in multiple boards.
  12. Ban/suspension evasion is not allowed.


List of things that warrant warning point(s) to your account:
(Warnings expire after 30-90 days based on severity, reaching 7 points warrants a 90-day suspension.)

  • Consistently posting threads in the wrong category (1 points)
  • Excessively trolling other users (2 points)
  • Posting the same question/thread twice on the same account (in different categories) (1 point)
  • Posting spam, or extremely low effort posts (join x discord because I said so) (1 point)

List of things that warrant a Suspension to your account:
(Suspensions have variable lengths based on how they were obtained.)
  • Posting NSFW/NSFL content (NSFW content is fine in the meme board) (1 week)
  • Threatening other users (3 months)
  • Reaching 7 warning points (3 months)

List of things that can get your account PERMANENTLY BANNED.

  • Posting anything that can be considered illegal
  • Impersonating a user or company

This is a general list of rules and guidelines that our community should follow and are subject to change without notice. The staff has the right to follow their own interpretation of the rules (for those of you that like to bend rules and take them literally) and hand out discipline accordingly.
Rules are subject to additions and adjustments. Punishments are subject to change.

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